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The real cradle of wine is Georgia.

The history of Georgia is very closely related to grapevine. Archaeological research shows that grapes were grown in the territory of today's Georgia between 5000 and 7000 BC. It is not by accident that Georgia is called the cradle of wine. Georgian wine making is in many ways unique. It offers about 500 varieties of grapes.

Georgian wines will draw you into a symphony of scents and flavors. Saperavi is a wine famous for its quality and is suitable for archiving. Its dark ruby color dazzles at the first glance. The intense aroma of ripe cherries and dark fruits with soft wood tones will take you to a sunny fruit garden, anywhere you are.

The Mukuzani wine is also prepared from the Saperavi grapes, which explains its rich red color. Its velvety taste is reminiscent of ripe cherries and dark fruits. The overall impression is enhanced by sweet almonds and spiced with pepper. This type of wine best completes game and cheese dishes.


The real pride of white varieties is Tsinandali. Straw-like color with fruity bouquet and delicious flavor literally touches your taste buds. Thanks to its intense taste of apples, citrus and cedar, and vanilla seasoning, it is great for seafood and vegetable dishes.

You can find a selection of white, pink and red wines on our wine list.

The best way to find your favorite wine is to try them all. We don’t guarantee that one evening will be enough though. That's why you should visit our restaurant more often!

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